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Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be described as a learning disorder in children and adults, which is characterized by the reading difficulties which results from problems of identifying speech sounds and their relationship with words and letters. This reading impairment is one of the developments of disorders in human beings. This article helps you in the diagnosis of the condition, treatment, and how one can prevent the disorder.

One can identify the reading disorder by checking the reading speed. This is because children with this condition will require three or more times as the normal child to read the same text. So, significantly reduced reading speed can be a symptom of dyslexia. Individuals affected by this reading disorder have a problem with associating letters with the right corresponding sounds. People with dyslexia will also read a different word when they come across a word which is difficult to read.

People with dyslexia condition find it difficult to read complex or rare words. It is also evident in some stressful situations like reading in front of your colleagues or an official situation. In such cases, the symptoms manifest themselves quickly, thus making it easy for one to know if they have dyslexia condition.

One can also identify a child with a reading disorder by checking their spelling capabilities. Increased number of spelling errors can be attributed to reading and spelling disorder. In most cases, children with dyslexia can only spell less than 10% of 50 test words correctly. When it comes to writing, children with the reading disorder will avoid writing words which they suspect to be difficult for them to spell.

When one is seeking the diagnosis of this condition, they should be targeting the reading speed and accuracy of the affected person. There are standard tests available to work on the above abilities, thus minimizing the effect of the reading disorder. These tests are specifically meant for children under such conditions hence providing an effective solution to these symptoms. Texting of any improvement should be done by comparing the improvements with those of a normal child. Testing should be done periodically as described by the professionals.

Effective diagnosis of the same can be achieved by obtaining useful information form the school history of the kid. Their reading, counting, and reading history from all their teachers can help establish the best approach to reduce the symptoms of dyslexia. Effective treatment of the dyslexia condition can only be achieved by defining the disorder and therefore advising the teachers and parents of the child on the best approached to treat the disease. Sometimes drug treatment of the same is advisable but only where the affected person is affected by deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Treatment of dyslexia can be targeted on the core problems or the concurrent physiological disorder. Most of the readily available treatment procedures are meant to reduce these symptoms and improve the skills of the child.

You can also contribute to the treatment by providing regular reading support to the affected child. Any information on the disorder should also be availed on time to the professionals.

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