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Guidelines on Testosterone Therapy.

Testosterone is a major male hormone which the body uses in the development of masculine characteristics. The production of the hormone is initiated by the brain which produces gonadotropin-releasing hormone which in turn signals the testes to produce testosterone hormone.

A healthy sperm count in every male person is determined by the levels of testosterone in the blood. Men with low testosterone have a low sperm count and the quality of sperm is also poor and having kids is either challenging or impossible.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the introduction of testosterone from an outside source. This procedure is done by bodybuilders to improve their masculine physique as testosterone stimulates the growth of muscles. A man can also improve on his sex drive, increase facial and body hair and improve on his mood through the testosterone replacement therapy.

The testosterone replacement therapy is beneficial but it comes at a very high cost. An increase of the testosterone from an external source increases its levels on the bloodstream. Introduction of testosterone from the external source increases its levels in the body which once detected by the brain it interprets that you have enough of the important hormone. The brain stops producing the gonadotropin-releasing hormone hence ceases sending signals to the testes to produce more of the testosterone. If the testicles don’t produce testosterone, sperm production is also hampered and the production goes down which can lead to a low sperm count. This might be disastrous when you try and have kids.

If you take up the testosterone replacement therapy and you still want to start a family, there are a number of possible solution you can go for. You can try to get kids even if you are on the testosterone replacement therapy. The sperm replacement may lower your sperm count but it may not necessarily make you infertile and you can still father babies.

You can also have your sperm frozen in the sperm bank as this is the best shot you have at getting kids with your wife in the future. This is an expensive option but it is far the best way of securing your fertility in the future.

The HMC and HMG therapy is also a great option you can go for if you are on the testosterone replacement therapy. Taking up this therapy is very beneficial as it reinitiates the production of testosterone in the testicles and in turn the production of sperm commences and having kids ceases to be hard task for you. To conclude, don’t worry about your fertility if you want to go on a testosterone replacement therapy as you can still have a family when the right time comes.

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