How I Became An Expert on Bikinis

Qualities of a Good Bikini

Bikini is an attire worn during swimming. The swimming suit is worn in the public it is therefore important to have a suit the goes along with the desire of the owner. The fabric should not be irritable to the skin most especially because it is to be used in water. Sometimes it may be tricky to choose the suitable attire because of the many choices available in the market. The suits have a variety of colors, patterns and types of fabric which may make it more challenging to select.

In the type of fabrics available, polyester is the most common. Most companies making the costumes prefer using the polyester fabric. Some qualities of the material like holding on to color and not been affected by chlorine makes polyester more accepted. Most swimming pools are commonly treated with the chlorine to protect the swimmers from contracting waterborne diseases. This chemical at causes damage to some fabrics. The advantages of polyester are that it is not affected by this chemical.

Anther advantage is the smooth and skin friendly qualities that the fabric has been modified into through the current technology. Furthermore the fabric has the capability to stretching and it is a strong fabric, This makes the fabric resistant to tear but at the same time easy to stretch to fit the user. The fabric is also resistant to shrinkage and gets rid of water easily. The advantage of this is the maintenance of the shape of fabric. All this characteristic qualifies polyester as the best choice of fabric for swimming costumes. Sometimes nylon fabric is a choice but due to is poor ability to resist reacting with chlorine it is not the best. This makes the fabric to wear out quickly and also they have a lesser ability to stretch. The combination of polybutylene and terephthalate or lycra are sometimes used to make the swimming attire due to their ability to stretch.

The bikinis come in different shapes and designs. Some bikinis expose the body more than others. It is important to identify what kind of design that makes you most comfortable. Some may not be suitable for your body shape and hence the choice should be made keenly. With the different seasons and occasions there are different colors the are suitable for each of them. If attending a beach party it is important to choose a color that blends with that.

A swimming competition we bound to have a different type of color fit for that. The different patterns they come with are suitable for different people. The fitting according to patterns is mostly determined by the size and shape of the user. Consider all this variables to come up with the best choice that portrays the best of your looks and builds your confidence

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