A Basic Guide to Hair Weaves

Most women want thick, flowing “celebrity” hair, at least for special occasions. Unfortunately, not everyone can grow hair and, even if they do, it is easily damaged. Thousands of women solve the problem by adding weaves to their own hair. The extensions quickly add length and volume, protect natural hair and let wearers change styles often.

Why Weaves Are Becoming More Common

Weaves are sold in a huge range of colors, lengths and styles. Hair they might be short and curly, include long loose waves or be perfectly straight. They can also be added quickly and easily. Most wearers have expert stylists add extensions. These professionals can completely change their clients’ looks in just a few hours. Weaves are the ideal solution for special events. They turn short problem hair into silky, flowing tresses for an evening event, a weekend, or a carefree vacation. They also offer long-lasting solutions for those who want to protect their own hair from styling processes.

A Basic Weave Primer

Weaves are simply extensions made with real or synthetic hair. Stylists use a variety of methods to attach them. Generally, the more natural the results, the more expensive the hair and styling processes are. An entire industry is now devoted to the extensions, and it has its own language. Some common terms include:

  • Remy: Human hair that has been cut so that all hair follicles go in the same direction. It has often been chemically processed.
  • Virgin Hair: Also real hair with cuticles running in one direction. However, virgin hair has never been processed. It is harvested from women of all races and is found in the most expensive extensions.
  • Pre-Bonded Extensions: Weaves with keratin tips that are used to bond them with natural hair. Some are attached using heat, while others rely on special, non-heated devices.
  • Weft: A bunch of hair that has been hand or machine sewn to keep it together.

Weaves are artificial bunches of hair, or extensions, that can quickly be added to natural hair. They are sold in a wide range of styles, colors and lengths. Women often add them in order to add instant length and volume, change styles quickly or protect their own hair from styling damage.